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Floating Suction Assemblies

We are leading Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of a wide range of Floating Suction Assemblies, Floating Suction Assembly for Industrial applications. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Majorly we serve our products to customers in Saudi Arabia.

Steelfab Engineering Pvt. Ltd. manufactures Floating Suction Assemblies for use in horizontal or vertical above ground storage tanks where little or no contamination can be tolerated. Since the top is least likely to contain foreign particles, this floating suction assembly is designed to float near the top of the liquid surface and draw from this near surface, contamination-free liquid. All of our floating suction are designed for long, trouble-free life and nearly maintenance free.

We also provide the services like on site installation and commissioning service or assistance for installation and commissioning

  • Two models available: single or double swivel joint type floating suction, according to tank size
  • Various sizes available according to tank characteristic
  • Permanently lubricated swivel joints
  • The Floating Suction unit can be installed and operated in a fixed roof, external floating root and an internal floating roof tank

  • Available materials of construction : Carbon Steel, Aluminum, SS316, SS316L, SS304, 304L / SS304L or asper compatibility.

  • Maintenance free
  • Long services life
  • Decrease maintenance of filter and operators
  • Reliable, Secure and uncontaminated transfer
  • Smooth controlled operations

  • Oil and gas industries - Oil and Petrol Storage Tanks
  • Chemical Industries - Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Food Industries - Oil, Beverage Storage Tanks

Ground Vertical Storage Tank

A Floating Suction unit is designed to enable product to be drawn off the tank either from the top surface of the liquid or at a predetermined depth below the surface of the liquid, This means that after filling, the tank can be used immediately as any unwanted particles like dirt or other contaminates even water remain in the tank.

Floating Suction units are of various designs however the essential features include rigid pipe, custom designed pressure tested floats and swivel joints manufactured by us.

Steelfab Engineering can provide the prefabricated Floating suction unit complete with an installation manual for final assembly and installation at site by the customer. Alternatively, Steelfab Engineering can provide assistance for installation at an extra cost.

Advantages :
  • To ease installation, all component parts of the Floating suction unit can pass through a standard tank shell manhole.
  • The arm cannot lock in a vertical position. It is very important that the tank diameter is less than the height - a stainless steel restraining wire rope is attached to the upper end of the pipe.
  • The Floating Suction unit is installed in a fixed position, air is not trapped in the arms during tank filling - at the highest point a hole is drilled in the pipe to allow air to escape.
  • Long life and trouble free operation is achieved due to the use of swivel joints specifically designed for submerged service.
  • At low level, the Floating Suction unit is rested on supports - this avoids the pipe work resting on any sediment at the bottom of the tank.
  • The Floating Chambers are designed in such way that if one is punctured the remaining one can keep the unit Floating.
  • The Floating Suction unit can be installed and operated in a fixed roof, external floating root and an internal floating roof tank.
  • As the product is always taken from the top surface and is less likely to be contaminated, this decreases the maintenance of filters in the draw - off lines.
  • Taking into consideration of the specifications of the stored product and operational requirement of the tank, the Floating Suction units are designed, hence the required purpose is achieved satisfactorily.

Installation Manual :

Floating Suction Assembly consists of following components

  • Swivel joint - It is associated with elbow & connection flange.
  • Suction Pipe - It is of length suitable to transport.
  • Float Assly - It consists of floats ( Qty depends on the buoyancy required)
  • Baffle plate assly. It is always assembled with end piece of suction pipe.
  • Hardware & gaskets - Normally packed in separate box.

We provide General arrangement drawing of the Floating suction unit along with installation drawings component - wise at the time of dispatch of each unit.

Please follow below mentioned procedure to assemble the Floating suction assembly

  • Open the packing & check all items as per packing slip.
  • Take all the items inside the tank.
  • Lay the items as per General Arrangement drawing.
  • Start assembling as per the drawing. ( Serial numbers of the assembly components are marked on the individual components for easy assembly).
  • For hydro testing the Floating Suction unit, remove the end plate of the baffle plate assembly & fix the suitable blind flange ( in Customer's Scope). Drawing for blind flange (for hydro testing only) will be provided.
  • Assemble the floats as per the drawing and place the floats in such position that it will float as the product enters into the tank.
  • Floating Suction unit is ready for use